■ Biography

Narjes Naderinezhad was born in 1992, Mashhad, Iran. Having graduated from school, she went to Soroush institute in order to learn photography and film making. She started her work as director assistant of theatre and sound editor for a blind theatre group. She has been among the photographers in Fajr theatre festival of Iran, which is held annually in February. Participating in some group exhibitions, she got selected and nominated in many festivals in Iran, and other different countries. In 2017, she started a long-term project about the public sculptures of Iran. Due to that project, in 2019, she won the Sheed Award as the first ranked artist. Currently she seeks the embodiment of her inner concerns in the environment.

■ Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

2020 Landscape Before the Eyes, Aban Art Gallery, Shiraz, Iran.
2020 Remembering Tomorrow, Shamideh Art Gallery, Tehran.
2019 10 Days with Iranian Photographers, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran.
2019 Landscape Before the Eyes, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2019 World Photography Day 2019 Exhibition, Kolkata, India.
2019 International Photography Art Exhibition ”The Woman 2019”, Oradea, Romania.
2014 A Simple Appointment, Soltan Ali Gallery, Mashhad, Iran.
2014 Hidden Area, Artin Gallery, Mashhad, Iran.
2013 Angles in Time, Ferdowsi Gallery, Mashhad, Iran.

■ Awards

2021 Selected in Kish festival, Kish Island, Iran.
2020 First winner of the The sixth International Fereshteh Award, Tehran, Iran.
2020 Selected in The Sateen Art Festival, Tehran, Iran.
2019 Selected in 8th 10 Days with Iranian Photographers, Tehran, Iran.
2019 Selected in Pingayo international photography festival, Pingyao, China.
2019 First winner of the ninth festival of the Sheed Award, Tehran, Iran.
2016 Selected in The 8th National & International Photo Festival of Firoozeh, Tabriz, Iran.
2016 Selected in London Image Festival, London, United Kingdom.
2016 Selected in Daste Dovom documentary photo festival, Tehran, Iran.
2014 Selected in Khane Doost documentary photo festival, Mashhad, Iran.

■ Published Works

2021 Published in NADASTAN art magazine, Tehran, Iran.

2019 Published in digital online magazine Upgration.de, Hannover, Germany.

2019 Published in Herfeh-Honarmand Art Magazine in Tehran, Iran.

2017 Published in Hamshahri Dastan Magazine in Tehran, Iran.

Narjes Naderinezhad