2020 | Olanzapine

Mrs. Ashraf lives in a basement in the village of Golmakan, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran. She has to stay in quarantine in the basement for an indefinite period of time. She suffers from OCD (Obsessiveā€“compulsive disorder), and also her loneliness has increased the severity of her illness. When she is in sleep, she experiences choking like it covers her neck so she puts her eyes half open to be half conscious, so if the tree behind the wall broke and fell, she would realize. The middle of the night, she checks the gas pipe and calls her family to see if they are alright; even sometimes, she wakes her little daughter up to see if she’s alive or not. She usually fire the weeds in front of the house to prevent the insects from entering inside and stinging her empty tooth place.
To escape from stress and illusion, she takes Sertraline and Olanzapine tablets so they can help her decreasing the amount of severity and frees her mind a bit, but slightly after taking them, she feels like someone pushes her back and falling down into a dark pit.
I’ve captured these photographs with an analog camera to not to see what I’ve recorded in reality; the sparks of the thoughts that crosses the Ashraf’s mind, and I put myself in her shoes in the frames.