2017-2020 | The Public Sculptures

The Public Sculptures

The public sculpture or public art is a statue that contains subjective features of the volume and geometric forms. These sculptures are based on the concepts, traditions, culture, identity, and history of the city. In Iran, the municipality costs a fortune to create a new identity for the streets by the public sculpture. The sculptures are installed throughout the city at the beginning of the New Year, suggest the newness of Nowruz. At the end of spring, they remove them because of the changing events or becoming worn. These statues consist of low-quality material mostly, and they’re short-lived. They get stuck in an insatiable and constant cycle of production and reproduction, and mostly they don’t have a historical identity. Therefore, there is no real and continuous connection between citizens and them. At the end, like a lifeless shell, they’ll be left somewhere in the warehouses.